Executive Advisory Service

Profit from presentations and ‘sounding board’ sessions with one of the most experienced & respected analyst teams in the business.

Use TechMarketView’s analysts as a trusted advisor for the latest UK SITS market knowledge. We typically spend one to two hours with a small group of senior executives, deliver a presentation on the chosen topic and follow that with a candid, informal discussion. Naturally the format and topic area can be tailored to suit your needs.

Engage TechMarketView’s Research Directors to share their insight on the disruptive trends changing the shape of the UK software, IT services business process services and public sector IT markets. Hear our independent, authoritative view on the latest developments — including the bits we’re not always able to put into print!

Our analysts work with clients to deliver impartial advice to executives and management teams in order to shape strategy. Benefit from preferential pricing and scheduling of engagements with the analyst team if you’re a subscription client. To discuss your specific requirements, contact us today.

Are you fit for digital? TechMarketView can make sure you are.

TechMarketView engagements

There’s a big question on your clients’ minds. Can my supplier effectively support me as I digitally transform my organisation?

TechMarketView, through its Tech User Programme, is guiding end user organisations as they seek to answer that question. TechMarketView’s Market Readiness Index (MRI) is an analytical tool and scoring model, which gets under the skin of ICT suppliers, providing a detailed assessment in the areas most important to their clients and prospects:

  • Corporate resilience: the ability to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity.
  • Suitability of offerings: alignment of offerings with changing market requirements.
  • Skills & resources: the ability to create the right mix of skills and to adjust the mix of skills rapidly to meet client and prospect requirements.
  • Industry expertise: the demonstration of narrow and deep industry understanding and experience/expertise.
  • Partner ecosystem: the ability to drive value from a partner network including large companies, SMEs, research councils and academia.
  • Delivery & execution: the ability to execute and delivery against client requirements while demonstrating innovation.

We published an inaugural MRI report earlier this year, covering the Top 10 IT services companies to the UK market. We are in the process of analysing the ‘next 10’. These reports are being made available to end user organisations within our Tech User Programme (TUP) (if you are an end user organisation, please get in touch to gain access).

As a supplier it is crucial to understand your strengths and weaknesses within the MRI model. Succeeding in the competitive digital marketplace, requires firing on all cylinders; shaping your business successfully in all six of these areas. A detailed assessment will help you understand where to focus your investments in order to improve your competitive positioning.

If you a supplier that has already been assessed, the TechMarketView team is ready and waiting to support you in understanding how to improve your MRI score – where did you fall short vis à vis the competition?

If you haven’t benefited from an MRI assessment, TechMarketView’s expert analyst team can work with you to assess your business against all six MRI categories. We can tailor the engagement to suit you – presenting out findings to your team or setting out our analysis and recommendations in a report. Knowing where to invest your time and money will get you off to a flying start as you head into 2020.

The winners in this market will be the ones that constantly adapt to remain market fit. If you want to find out how TechMarketView can support you, please contact Deb Seth to find out more.

Bring your new recruits up to speed, fast

TechMarketView engagamentsYou’re shaking up the team. You’re bringing in fresh blood. It’s all part of transforming your organisation to compete effectively in a digitally driven market.

But as you expand the recruitment pool, to capture new capabilities, exceptional talent, and creative ways of thinking, chances are that many of your new recruits will have little or no experience of the UK ICT market.
Whether you are taking on graduates, apprentices or those that have, simply, never worked in UK tech before, you’ll be keen to ensure they understand the market in which they are operating.

That’s where TechMarketView can help. Whether via a face-to-face presentation, a webinar, or a webcast/podcast, TechMarketView’s expert analyst team can provide essential insight into the UK market, the important trends, shifts in procurement, and the competitive landscape. 

If you want to find out more about our employee induction offerings, please contact our Client Services team to find out more.

Planning for 2020? Having a kick-off session?

TechmarkeView engagamentsWhy not make sure that your whole team is fully versed on the key trends in the UK software and IT services (SITS) marketplace? TechMarketView Research Directors have decades of combined experience analysing the IT market and are perfectly placed to support your strategic planning process.
The TechMarketView team has been called on to give keynote presentations at numerous software and IT services events over the years. By offering our views on the important market trends and shifts in the competitive landscape, our clients tell us we provide a perfect foundation for discussion and debate.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day; an external view helps bring a new perspective.

So, whether you’re planning your next Sales & Marketing conference, a Strategy Planning Day, or an Executive Committee meeting, get in touch with us to find out how you can benefit from TechMarketView contributing our valuable analyst insight.

What our Clients say about us

“We have called on TechMarketView on numerous occasions to present their external perspective of the market to our internal leadership events. Their in-depth understanding of the market, combined with insightful competitive analysis, provides us with valuable food for thought as we consider Agilisys’ approach to target markets. The TechMarketView team’s ability to translate that insight into advice for Agilisys is second-to-none”

Andrew Mindenhall, CEO, Agilisys

“As a subscription client of TechMarketView, we regularly take advantage of the easy access to their highly knowledgeable and respected analyst team. Picking their brains on the key trends in the market helps us validate our own thinking and planning, making the relationship invaluable to us.”

Nigel Lynas, Sales Director, Kainos

"In planning the strategy for our government business, TechMarketView's cogent analysis helped to define a compelling vision and identify growth priorities and levers of value creation. Analysts continue to signpost significant changes in a rapidly changing public sector market."

Adrian Fieldhouse, MD Government Sector, Sopra Steria

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