Tuesday 21 April 2020

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TMV logoThe TechMarketView analyst team has been incredibly busy over the last few weeks analysing the impact that COVID-19 is having, and is set to have, on the UK tech market. As you would expect, the pandemic has reshaped our research agenda and much of the research planned over the coming weeks is focused on the impact of COVID-19 across the UK tech sector. 

Cover imageWe will, for example, be analysing supplier resilience in light of COVID-19; providing in-depth insight the pandemic’s impact on the UK public sector and financial services markets; and updating our market forecast and trend analysis to reflect the fast-changing conditions. You’ll find the detail in our updated research agenda for the coming quarter here.

In addition to this planned in-depth analysis, we will of course continue to cover events as they happen in UKHotViews and provide additional depth of coverage on key supplier and market news in our timely UKHotViewsExtra analysis.

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Here are some quick links to our UKHotViewsExtra coverage over the last month in case you’ve missed anything:

·     Pricing the pandemic - how technology is transforming risk

·     Why COVID-19 will not break the Internet

·     COVID-19 contact tracing apps: privacy and freedom

·     Share Indices in March 20 and 2020 YTD- Richard Holway’s analysis of a momentous month on the stock exchanges.

·     HV Premium logoEarly-stage funds still investing but at lower valuations

·     Getting beyond the hype – RPA adoption within the NHS

·     Telecoms and conferencing rise to remote working challenge

·     COVID-19 escalates war on digital viruses

·     COVID-19: Forcing a gear-change in employee workplace experience?

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Thursday 16 April 2020

Launching TechMarketView’s COVID-19 Impact Surveys

COVID-19 imageTechMarketView needs you!

Whether you are a tech user or a tech company, we are calling on you to spare a couple of minutes of your time to participate in one of two surveys designed to gauge the impact that COVID-19 will have on the UK tech market.

Your contribution is required by Thursday 30th April.

We have compiled the surveys to gather as much insight as we can on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tech user community and on tech companies.

The TechMarketView analyst team is talking with ICT suppliers and end users of technology daily. We hear voices of optimism. We hear voices of pessimism. As we enter our forecasting period (ahead of the publication of our series of Market Trends & Forecasts reports, within our subscription research streams), the results of this survey will help us improve our understanding of where the opportunities and threats lie.

If you are a Tech User (i.e. an end user organisation with operations in the UK), we ask that you complete this survey: COVID-19 – The impact of the pandemic on Tech User organisations

If you are a Tech Company, we ask that you complete this survey: COVID-19 – The impact of the pandemic on Tech Companies.

We will publish the results in a special report over the next few weeks. You should keep an eye out on UKHotViews, where we will feature some of the highlights. In addition, the detailed report will be made available to participants of the survey and TechMarketView research subscription clients. If you are not a subscriber to TechMarketView’s research services, and haven’t participated in the survey, the report will also be available to purchase.

This survey is completely confidential. All results published will be aggregated and anonymised so no individual responses can be identified. 

​If you would like any further information about the research then please email

​Many thanks, in advance, for your participation.

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Wednesday 15 April 2020

*NEW RESEARCH*: Pulsant: Leaner & more resilient in uncertain times

We caught up with (fairly new) Pulsant CEO, Rob Coupland, just as the UK came to the end of week two in pulslockdown. The firm moved early when the crisis began to gather pace, conducting a risk assessment in early March and ensuring support staff were able to provide continuity of customer service once the government guidance came into play. The firm’s initial rapid response was critical for clients and meant Pulsant was quickly able to stabilise during what was a very challenging and uncertain period. However, the uncertainty is in many ways intensifying, and like others Pulsant faces the challenge of trying to understand what lies ahead. Nonetheless, in these early stages, the firm’s high recurring revenue stream and lack of exposure to hard-hit sectors provide some solidity.

The COVID-19 crisis has created unparalleled market uncertainty. In response, suppliers such as Pulsant must have a crystal-clear view of their differentiation and position, and in turn be able to articulate that to customers. In this research note, we take a look at some of the changes that have been going on inside Pulsant to improve the Private Equity-backed firm from an operational and market position perspective. Its portfolio of services across colocation and cloud play to market demand – particularly for hybrid operating environments – and it is now better placed to take on a market characterised by many unknowns.

Tech Insights subscribers can read the note, by Kate Hanaghan, Chief Research Officer, here:  Pulsant: Leaner and more resilient in uncertain times

To access TechMarketView analysis and advisory services, please contact Deb Seth.

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Tuesday 14 April 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Virus hits SITS stocks

chartThese are certainly unusual times when a 7% fall in share price in a quarter warrants a top 20 ‘gainers’ position amongst the UK listed software & IT services (SITS) companies, as is the case for digital learning and talent management specialists, Learning Technologies Group! There were barely a dozen quoted UK SITS stocks that ended the quarter with a share price higher than at the beginning of the year, but many more whose shares ended very much lower.

Subscribers to the Foundation Service and to UKHotViews Premium can read more by downloading the Q1 2020 edition of IndustryViews Quoted Sector.

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Tuesday 14 April 2020

Are you a Government or NHS reader of UKHotViews?

Are you a Government or NHS reader of UKHotViews, but are not already part of the cross Government TechMarketView subscription?

TechMarketView is opening up full access to all of our content, at no charge, to any NHS employee or Whitehall civil servant. Access will be available until the end of September 2020, when the current cross Government subscription expires.

If you'd benefit from this access, please contact from your work email address who will register you.


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Monday 13 April 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* OffshoreViews Extra: COVID-19 and the IPPs

imageThis special edition of OffshoreViews serves as a scene-setter on the impact of COVID-19 on the India-centric IT services industry (the so-called Indian Pure-Plays or IPPs), ahead of the publication of their quarterly (and in many cases, full-year) financial results. The Indian reporting season starts this week (w/b 13th April 2020).

We will present a fuller analysis of the financial impact of COVID-19 in the next scheduled edition of OffshoreViews which we expect to publish when reporting season is over in May. We will of course continue to cover individual company results on UKHotViews as they report.

Foundation Service clients can download the report here.

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Thursday 09 April 2020

*UKHotViewsExtra* COVID-19 contact tracing apps: privacy and freedom

Covid-19 imageAround the world, lockdown measures appear to be proving effective at flattening the curve of new COVID-19 cases, but this obviously comes at a huge social and economic cost. No country has yet devised an effective long-term exit strategy. Many are placing their faith in a vaccine being developed in record time; however, with less than 10% of compounds entering Phase 1 drug trials successfully making it to launch, there is certainly no guarantee we’ll see a COVID-19 vaccine in 2021. So how do we avoid prolonged or repeated cycles of lockdown, reduce the number of infections and get back to something closer to life pre-COVID-19? Contact tracing apps have been suggested as part of the solution, and have already been used in some countries, but how much of our privacy are we willing to give up in return for greater freedoms?

UKHotViewsPremium logoIn this UKHotViewsExtra article we explore current use of contact tracing apps and those in development, progress in the UK and the research that underpins it, and asks what trade-offs we would be willing to accept in exchange for a more rapid return to normal life. 

UKHotViews Premium and research subscribers can read COVID-19 contact tracing apps: privacy and freedom now. For more information about TechMarketView's subscription services please contact Deb Seth.

Image source: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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Friday 03 April 2020

*New Research* Digital Marketplace Dashboards P11 2019-20

Dashboard ImageFollowing the publication of our Digital Marketplace 2019 Review in January, TechMarketView are now trialling the introduction of monthly dashboards of the key sales data from the G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes & Specialists (DOS) frameworks.

The first of these updates covers February 2020 (P11 in the government fiscal year 2019-20). In the year to date (covering 11 months from April 2019 to February 2020) total Digital Marketplace spend stood at £2,127m, which was up 19.9% compared to the same period in 2018-19. However, spend in February alone was down 3.4% year-on-year and down 3.2% compared to January 2020.

We typically see a spike in spending in the last period of the financial year, but we will have to wait a few more weeks for the March data to be published before we can see what impact rising fears about COVID-19 had on spend during the month.

February data shows the leading suppliers in both G-Cloud and DOS continuing to do well. Amazon Web Services (AWS) led the way in G-Cloud sales, with its £14.2m income being nearly four times that of Methods in second place. The vast majority of AWS’ business during the month came via the Home Office (see AWS strengthens Home Office relationship with new four-year deal). Kainos continues to perform well through DOS, securing £7.0m in sales—it has now been the leading supplier in nine out of the 11 periods in 2019-20.

If you are an existing PublicSectorViews subscriber, you can view the dashboards now. If you’d like to discuss an extension to your existing subscription or would like details of how to subscribe to TechMarketView, please email Deb Seth.

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Wednesday 01 April 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Financial Services SITS Sub-Sector Comparison

The newly published UK Financial Services SITS Sub-Sector Comparison, introduces TechMarketView's segmentation and analysis of the main sub-sectors that constitute the UK financial services industry. 

FS SegmentationThe report explains the various vertical business functions that comprise each of the four segments and explores the major technology trends impacting each of them. The research also discusses the market drivers for software and IT services (SITS) relevant to each of the sub-sectors, in the context of the UK financial services SITS market as a whole.

Subscribers to TechMarketView's FinancialServicesViews research stream can download the UK Financial Services SITS Sub-Sector Comparison now.

If you do not currently have access to this research, please contact Deb Seth for further information about TechMarketView’s subscription services.

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